Meet the KET Team

A web designer, graphic designer, and a writer walked into a bar in Windsor. They ended up being the 3 minds behind KET Marketing.

Kylie Elizabeth Tiffin

Kylie Elizabeth Tiffin - The Web Designer

Kylie is the KET behind KET Marketing. She oversees all the client relations and content that goes out.

After graduating college, Kylie went on over 100 job interviews in 3 different cities just to find something in her field of marketing, but never did. When taking the train back to her hometown of Windsor, she had an epiphany:


From there, Kylie started working as a freelancer and helped clients in Canada, Australia, Thailand, and the U.S achieve long-term success with their online assets. In 2018, she officially said goodbye to her freelancing lifestyle and started KET Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Windsor, Ontario.


Riley Richard

Riley Richard - The Graphic Designer

Riley is the one responsible for making the website look as good as it is.

Coming from an artistic background, Riley struggled to find a job that gave him a creative outlet and creative freedom after graduating from St. Clair College. So while he was busing tables at the local casino, he was also perfecting his digital art skills.

One day, a freelancer saw his work and contacted him with a single task in mind: create a logo for a new marketing agency in Windsor. The logo was so good that the freelancer hired him on the spot and soon became the current branding for KET Marketing. The rest is history!

If you need social graphics, logos, or any digital design work done, Riley is the man to call.


Jared Ferrans

Jared Ferrans - The Writer

Jared is in charge of the day to day operations at KET Marketing. He’s the reason we’re still functioning well as a business.

A supporter since the beginning, Jared has gone from an occasional volunteer, to an integral part of the KET Marketing team. Since starting with KET Marketing, his duties have varied, including social media research, editing blog posts, creating content for the website, and providing valuable caffeine to other team members.

In addition, he has been an integral part of the E.C Road Trip, participating in test runs and proposing such ideas as the Spring Into Matrimony and Let’s Get Physical road trip.