The Life of Luxury

When I got off the plane from New York City back in September, I spent the next 6 months hoping from place to place in an effort to save money and get some sense of what my options were. Most of the time, I was either at my office, at my fiance’s apartment, or just straight up living in my car. It’s at this point that I realized what luxury truly meant and what I was lacking whenever I went home.

What most people view as luxurious involves warmth in one way or another. This could mean beach vacations and the fanciest steak in the city, but it could also mean the ability to stay warm in the winter and not worry about your feet getting frostbite. To me, luxury involves what some people take for granted.

A warm bed for sleep, a hot meal, and a soothing shower or bath.

You see, when I was living with my father, his drunken outbursts made it nearly impossible to move from my bedroom, both out of fear that he would kill me and that I didn’t want him to be set off further. The sounds made it difficult to sleep or do anything that required concentration. My bedroom was also on the second floor where there was no bathroom or kitchen. Many nights, I would stay up until 2am when he passed out, clean up the mess he made, and have some cold pizza to make up for the hours that I was hungry. Immediately afterwards, I would go straight to bed and not wake up until noon the next day. I was that exhausted.

I would stay at my office until 4am to not only get work done (I was working with clients in Thailand at that time), but to avoid his wrath because it was hard to get work done in that environment. My work suffered immensely and at one point, I was on the verge of being fired from one of the companies I was working for because of this. Taking myself out of that environment caused some extreme highs and extreme lows.

I lost about 85% of my income from September to April due to things out of my control. My car had to be taken in at least 4 times for various, costly repairs (to which my dad said his bit about me being neglectful and costing him money because I didn’t have the money for some of these repairs). There were times where I was crossing my fingers at Tim Hortons hoping that a $2 tea charge would go through. However, I also got a grant from the Small Business Centre in Windsor to put towards my business. I was chosen to present my ideas in front of a crowd of dozens of people within 24 hours of doing an application. I have been speaking all over Windsor on my story and what I know. And I have done this blog to show you that every terrible experience has a life lesson.

Today, I can say that I’m in luxury because I have a warm bed every night (even when my fiance takes half the blankets), hot food for every meal, and a warm shower whenever I need one. Do I worry about money sometimes? Definitely, but I would rather have this lifestyle than one where I constantly fear for my life.

Kylie TiffinComment