How's Your Business Relationship?

What does a good business relationship truly look like? In order to understand the concept, let me give you an example of both kinds of relationships you’ll encounter in the business world.

My dad was good friends with the Taylor family back in college. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the family that owns Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Every time he needs to rent a car, he drops a name here or there to get a discount. I doubt the Taylor family knows about the discounts their employees are giving because of their connection with one man 30 years ago.

Compare that with my relationship with a man by the name of Tim Klue, the owner of a local bakery called Klueless Cupcakes. When my fiancé and I lived two blocks away, we visited the establishment at least once a week and bought at least 2 cupcakes. Soon enough, Tim started giving us free cupcakes, not because we asked him to but because we were promoting the business 24/7 and getting everyone we know to try it out (side note: the triple play is the best cupcake in my opinion so go try it out when you get the chance).

A bad business relationship only benefits one side. It’s designed to take rather than give. A good business relationship is beneficial to both parties. You get to know the person you’re helping and recommend them on multiple occasions, or at least that’s how I think they should be.

I want you to take a good look at the relationships you’ve made with businesses over the years. Do they benefit you and the business, or does it feel one sided?

Kylie TiffinComment