Are You Being Treated Unfairly At Work?

If you ever type in “Treated Poorly at Work” on Google, you’ll see many horror stories. Everything from trying not to get on your boss’ bad side to sexual harassment is covered. And like many people out there, I have my own stories about this.

When I was a freelancer, the majority of my clients felt that it was okay to treat me poorly, from long hours into the night, to cutting pay and hours, to straight out saying that I wasn’t worth what I cost. Thankfully, that got better once I started my business, but I’ll still see people try to pull the same stuff because of my age, willingness to do work, etc.

Let me get one thing straight for anyone who wants to hire a freelancer or a company to do any work for them:

Just because someone doesn’t work full time for your company doesn’t mean that you should treat them worst than your own employees.

I keep finding that the people who are entrepreneurs themselves treat me the most fairly as they have also had similar experiences of people treating them less than. That’s why it’s so important to know your value and your worth.

If you’re not sure if you’re treated unfairly, whether you’re a freelancer or an employee of a company, here are some of the warning signs:

  • You’re scared to go to your boss, even if it’s for something minor like asking a question.

  • You hear more negatives than positives about your work, no matter how much good work you do for the company.

  • Your colleagues and bosses get all the credit for YOUR work.

  • You’re expected to take on the work of 3 people and you’re just one person.

  • If you have a contract, they blatantly will ignore it for their own interests.

  • If you say you have a specific skill set, they’ll cut your work from that area to give you grunt work.

(and yes, these are all things that have happened to me)

As a boss myself now, I hope I never do any of these things to my employees as I want them to be in a safe environment where their accomplishments are rewarded. That’s the company culture you should be expecting when entering a company. If those needs are not being met, then I suggest you find a place where they treat you like a human being, not a number or robot.

Kylie TiffinComment